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Sovietabilly records presents:

Берлинские Самовары
Русская Музыка из Берлина

♦   this new russian musical formation was started by Nikolai Fomin (St. Petersburg) as a composer, singer and bajan-player (button accordion) and Svetlana Silina (Voronezh) as a singer and accordion-player, who are living currently in Berlin.
♦   emotional, raw, savagely passionate and virtuoso all at the same time: it's russian rock'n'roll, and we like it!.
♦   after Vladimir Miller (sax, clarinet, balalaika), Eugen Miller (bs, voc) and Alejandro Garcia joined them, the band started to perform live.
♦   in 2016 came the first cd of “Berlinskie Samovary” by the sovietabilly records label with a bit of trad. bias.
♦   now the band is working on its second cd, which should come in 2018 and show the rock'n'roll side of the band!

Trup, Totentanz, Trup, Пляска Мертвеца (Лежал на дороге труп) (S. Seljunin) recorded: 02.12.2017, Berlin. voc: sveta & kolja; bj, bl, perc: kolja, kbs: davide, dr: alejandro text
Fedka goes to Hollywoo, Fedka goes to Hollywood, Федька едет в Голливуд (F. Fomin) recorded: 06.10.2017, Berlin text
Sedmoe Nebo, Sedmoe Nebo, Седьмое Небо (M. Naumenko) recorded: 15.06.2017, Berlin text
Vypit' Nado, Vypit' Nado, Выпить Надо! (N. Fomin/trad.) recorded: 13.02.2017, Berlin, Sansibar text
Muzha Bej, Muzha Bej, Мужа Бей! (N. Fomin) recorded: 10.02.2018, Berlin text
Kogda By, Kogda By, Когда бы.. (N. Fomin) recorded: 08.06.2016, Berlin text
Koleso, Koleso, Колесо (S. Seljunin) recorded: 19.06.2017, Berlin text
Poslushaj Malchik, Poslushaj Malchik, Послушай, мальчик, я пьяна (N. Fomin) recorded: 25.01.2016, Berlin text
Guby, Guby, Губы окаянные (J.Kim) recorded: 23.02.2016 text
Kazak, Kazak, Казак (trad.) recorded: 23.02.2016, Berlin text
Solovushka, Соловушка, Solovushka (trad.) recorded: 23.02.2016, Berlin text
Samara, Samara, Самара-Городок (trad.) recorded: 24.02.2016, Berlin text
Staryj Klen, Staryj Klen, Старый Клен (A.Pahmutova/M.Matusovski) recorded: 20.02.2016, Berlin text
Taljanochka, Taljanochka, На солнечной поляночке (V.S-Sedoj/A.Fatjanov) recorded: 20.02.2016, Berlin text
V Gornitse, V Gornitse, В Горнице (trad./ Koltsov) recorded: 21.02.2016, Berlin text
Vinovata Li Ja, Vinovata Li Ja, Виновата ли я (trad.) recorded: 24:02:2016, Berlin text
Podmoskovnye Vechera, Podmoskovnye Vechera, Подмосковные Вечера (V.S-Sedoj/M.Matusovski) recorded: 24.02.2016, Berlin text
Tam Vdali, Tam Vdali, Там вдали за рекой (trad.) recorded: 24.02.2016, Berlin text
Pomogi Mne, Pomogi Mne, Помоги Мне (L.Derbenev/A.Zatsepin) recorded: 24.02.2016, Berlin text
Totentanz (пляска мертвеца)

nostalgic row,
Berlin, , 15.05.2017;
Totentanz (пляска мертвеца, труп)

Berlin, Panda-theater, 18.02.2017;
let's drink now (выпить надо)

Berlin, Panda-theater, 26.11.2016;


CD "Berlinskie Samovary"

13 Titel
47:35 min.
(c)&(p) 2016 sovietabilly records

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