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Sovietabilly records presents:

Берлинские Самовары
Русская Музыка из Берлина

♦   This new russian musical formation was started by Nikolai Fomin (St. Petersburg) and Svetlana Silina (Voronezh), who are living currently in Berlin. Nikolai Fomin (aka Dr. Bajan) is known as a leader of his band “Dr. Bajan and Brain Drain”, who has played since last 15 years many hundreds of concerts in Europe: Germany, Austria, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy, Russia. He composes, sings and plays bajan (button accordion).
♦   Emotional, raw, savagely passionate and virtuoso all at the same time: sovietabilly is modern urban folk music, Dr. Bajan-style.
♦   The intention to start another project, Berlinskie Samovary was to go back to the roots, traditional music with the modern attitude.
♦   With Svetlana Silina (voc., accordion, percussion) and Vladimir Miller (sax, clarinet, balalaika) Nikolai (voc., bajan, guitars, balalaikas, bs) has recorded a cd “Berlinskie Samovary” by the sovietabilly records label (2016).
♦   Then two other members joined the band (Eugen Miller bs, voc. and Mark Shmelkin drums), and the band started to perform live..

Распутин (text, arr.: N. Fomin)[Rasputin] recorded: 26.10.2016, Berlin.     ♦ text
Выпить надо Svetit Vypit' Nado (let's drink now) recorded: 13.02.2017, Berlin, Sansibar.     ♦ text
Светит, но не греет Svetit (My Love) recorded: 10.01.2017, Berlin, Sansibar.     ♦ text
Труп (Totentanz, Trup) recorded: 26.10.2016, Berlin, rehearsal.     ♦ text
Когда Бы (Kogda By) recorded: 08.06.2016, Berlin.     ♦ text
Федька едет в Голливуд (Fed'ka goin' to hollywood) recorded: 08.06.2016, Berlin.     ♦ text
Распутин (Rasputin) recorded: 26.10.2016, Berlin.     ♦ text
Колесо (Koleso ) recorded: 04.11.2016, Berlin.     ♦ text
Послушай, мальчик, я пьяна (Poslushaj Malchik) recorded: 25.01.2016, Berlin.     ♦ text
Губы окаянные (Guby Okajannye) recorded: 23.02.2016, Berlin.     ♦ text
Шел казак на побывку домой (Kazak) recorded: 23.02.2016, Berlin.     ♦ text
Соловушка (Solovushka) recorded: 23.02.2016, Berlin.     ♦ text
Старый Клен (Staryi Klen) recorded: 20.02.2016, Berlin.     ♦ text
Тальяночка (На солнечной поляночке) (Taljanochka) recorded: 20.02.2016, Berlin.     ♦ text
В Горнице (V Gornitse) recorded: 21.02.2016, Berlin.     ♦ text
Виновата ли я (Vinovata Li Ja) recorded: 24:02:2016, Berlin.     ♦ text
Мужа бей! MuzhaBej (hau den Mann) recorded: 03.07.2016, Berlin     ♦ text
Подмосковные Вечера (Moscow nights) recorded: 24.02.2016, Berlin.     ♦ text
Самара-Городок (Samara) recorded: 24.02.2016, Berlin.     ♦ text
let's drink now (выпить надо)

Berlin, Panda-theater, 26.11.2016;